I just went with a chin length bob this past Nov. after about 10 years of long past my bs length. I was so ready for the change as combing out my long hair was always such a pain.

I had it cut shorter in the back but longer in the front and top. This worked out really well for me as I could still pull it back into a little ponytail, or pigtails if I wanted. (haha my son calls it Mickey Mouse hair as its really 2 little puffballs on top )

Right now its down past my chin and i'll be going for another cut soon. After that I think I'll let it grow long again and then re cut and donate to locks of love again.
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White Rain Ocean Mist GVP conditioning balm. Bioterra/LA Looks. Air dry. SOTC w/LOOB..I think its my first HG.
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