ok, thanks for the stuff about length. how do you sleep on it? do bobs go with bangs at all? or side parts? pics would be great.
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I just sleep on it normally. Some people like the satin/silk pillowcases to help decrease overnight frizz, but i had to stop using mine because it caused my face to break out. I'm kinda hit or miss on the 2nd day hair because of this. If I'm not thrilled with my hair in the morning, I can usually just pull the hair up on the sides to hide everything that's screwy in the front. I think someone posted a topic about sleeping on shorter hair, look back through the pages on this board and you should be able to find it.

I do a side part, myself and it has worked fine for me. I think I've seen some pics of people with bangs...but don't quote me on that! Look through the pictures on this thread and on the CG before and after. You might be able to see more examples of how people work their bobs!
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