My hair is currently a elongated 3A but with more curl patern than a 2C (so a 2D if existed...). But that's because my hair is really thick and heavy and it is long (jsut about elbow length). When i cut my hair, I KNOW it will be a 3B-3C combo b/c last time i cut it so short, it just kinda shrunk up! When it was short, i always straightened it because i didnt like it looking that short and curly like that! Looking back at the pictures, there was no clumping going one and it was hard- like too much gel hard. I'm wondering if this time around, knowing what i now know about CG, if i will be getting clumping? Has any of the short 3Bs and 3Cs gotten clumpy soft curls?
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burgundy, I can't see your roots--but I think your hair is all in the curly range. The weight is just pulling them out.

In answer to your question about soft clumpy curls, I think moisture will be the key. The more natural products your starting to use (LOL) should really help. My hair is nowhere near as tightly curled as yours, but it's soft and springy all of the time. I suspect that yours will be, too--especially if you stay away from all of the chemicals.
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