I am trying to get on the CG bandwagon-but it isn't easy! I am now using No Poo, One C, B'Leavin, and Angell. I had my haircut yesterday per CG style-and I really do like it. BUT-I like to diffuse my hair on warm. I plop for about an hour while I get my baby up and fed and such-then I diffuse on warm-takes about 15 minutes. My hair does frizz I think quite a bit-so I know the heat is part of the problem. My stylist really wants me to let it air dry. It looks so nice and curly and full after being diffused. I don't want to have flat hair. Those of you who let it air dry-is your hair full? It will take HOURS for it to air dry. I really want to follow this to the T-but can I do it? Especially with winter coming! I know my hair can be healthier-and letting it air dry will save me time-but is it worth it? And how long did it take before your hair started looking healthier after not using a hair dryer? And how can you have a "hair-do" with your hair wet?