Thanks ladies! I just don't know what to do. I showered this morning-used only One C (yay for me-I didn't even use my no-poo) and plopped for an hour. Now my hair has been down for an hour or so-and showing no signs of it wanting to dry. I know I should really give air drying a chance-as I know my hair will be healthier and less frizzy. I guess I just fear that it won't look good-it'll look flat. I know diffusing on cool would take forever-but it wouldn't hurt my hair like the heat would-right? I keep telling myself to just give air drying a chance. But-as soon as my baby wakes up from her nap-we have errands to run. And it is raining outside and cool. What's a curly girl to do? Argh!

Do you all wash your hair at night-or in the morning? I don't like the idea of going somewhere and still have wet hair. Can you tell? I also think my hair would look bad if I showered in the evening and let it dry then or overnight.