Manya, I'm afraid I don't have any experience with thick hair and can't help you with your 'bump', but I did come to join the Curly Bob Club.

Since the first of the year, I've lost around 30 lbs. Although I set out to do it in a healthy way, my head didn't seem to care for it at all, and I shed a whole load of hair (it's also possible that the weight loss coincided with a major shedding cycle). My hair is fine and on the thin side on a good day, and it was looking dull and thin and bleh, so I made an appointment with a stylist who is well reviewed here on She agreed that I'd shed a lot, but noted that I have a lot of new hair growing in, and suggested that we take it off to bob length to give the new hair time to play catch up. She left the front chin length, and "stacked" the back, which makes my hair look much thicker. The curl is returning, and at this length (so far, at least), I don't seem to have to fight the tangles and knots that used to plague me daily.

I'd been lurking at this thread on and off, admiring the short cuts, but I never thought I'd willingly give up my longer hair - now I'm so glad I listened to Mona's (the stylist's) advice!