I did it. Last night I put it in a ponytail and my mom chopped it off. That's all she did. I just wanted to see what that would look like when it was dry. Today it was too long still (slightly past sholders, but no major triangle head!). I love it still, and she is going to shorten it tonight. Now I am looking for up dos or semi up dos or just hair out of face styles to do. Any suggestions? I am kinda bad at up doish stuff, so pictures and instructions would be wonderful! thanks! also, whats you favorite accessory for a bob?
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I just got my hair cut shorter, its to the bottom of my ears. However i can still put it back in different ways as the front and sides are still long enough to do so, even with some layers. I can make little pigtails, I can kind of twist the hair on the sides and put it back in barrettes... add some little flowers... etc. Sorry I dont have any pics.
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