Ok, I have a couple questions... first - using it in your rinse out: does this really do anything? I mean, aren't you just rinsing it out? I'd like to try it in my rinse out as a trial but I'm kinda worried that it won't give me an idea of what it can do if I'm just rinsing it right out.
looks like curlymix answered your LI/Bees question so I'll tackle this one. The first time I used Honey was in my rinse out. The change was so dramatic that I proceeded to go on a Honey craze and tried a Rinse and put it in my Gel. If you think about it tinah there are lots of commercial natural products that use honey in conditioners and stylers, there's a reason for it! Honey is amazing!!
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Thanks! I'm gonna give this a try! How much should I use as a trial in my rinse out?