Thanks curlymix. A lot on my hair has turned dark brown from swimming and bleaching from the sun (you can see it in some pictues with the flash). It's better now that I've gone mod cg and chopped off all the damaged hair. I would prefer that it didn't lighten. I don't know if it'll make a difference if I only use it for DTs since I only do them once in two months now that the condition of my hair has drastically improved.
3A. Total PJ ! Modified CG (low poo 2-3x a month)
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Biotique Biowalnut/BioKelp, VO5 Condish, Aveda Be Curly/Aloe Vera Gel, Aveda Phomollient (day2 and 3),Water w/ AVG +Rosemary + lavender DT: Macadamia oil w/ Rosemary + lavender EO
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