I rinse it all out as well. What I do is after I apply my conditioner, i take a small glob of honey (i dont dilute it in water), emulsify it- which by then its just a thin film, and coat my hair and scrunch upwords. i then put on a shower cap as i wash myself - couple minutes- and just rinse it all out. i was leaving some in at one point but i kept getting different results- hair was toooo crunchy sometimes and other times not, so i just rinse it all out.

Curlymix, everytime i read what your father says about picking noses, i can't help but to crack up! it is seriously the funniest cutest saying ever! I think i will start using it.. and hopefully someone will quote me and then it could spread. that sentence makes my day!
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Burgandy_locks, feel free to quote my dad as much as you like. That is one of my favorite quotes of his.

Also, I'm going to have to try your method. Isn't it interesting how many different ways there are of interpreting 'rinse out'?

Thanks curlymix. A lot on my hair has turned dark brown from swimming and bleaching from the sun (you can see it in some pictues with the flash). It's better now that I've gone mod cg and chopped off all the damaged hair. I would prefer that it didn't lighten. I don't know if it'll make a difference if I only use it for DTs since I only do them once in two months now that the condition of my hair has drastically improved.
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My tips always would lighten pre-cg as well. It bothered me to no end. Since I cut the damage off my hair, I haven't had ANY lightening, which makes me very happy. Then again, I don't really spend a ton of time in the sun. I'm sure that using it only for DTs will not be a problem with lightening.

Wow wow wow!! I am so totally in love with honey now too!

So, i today I mixed just a couple drops of honey with my leave-in conditioner, scrunched it through very wet hair, then scrunched in a small amount of Boots curl creme and then the same Boots gel i used yesterday.... The results are Amazing!!

My hair has never been this curly, and while the hold is great, there is no un-crunchable crunch, and it even feels kinda soft.

I just put photos up on my fotki of it! Love it!! Thanks so much everyone! Del, think I might have to try coconut oil next
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Yay! I'm gonna check the pictures out now!

I tried mixing the honey with my conditioner today. I have all these awesome curls on the top that are holding well despite the humidity, but the bottom layer is starting to fuzz all over the place. Would more honey on the bottom layer get it to stick together more?
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You might want to try adding a tad to the bottom half if you have been having problems. Just a bit though, you don't want it too stiff. What other products are you using to style? Or maybe it would help if you changed the method or something? ie- sectioning your hair so that more product gets on the bottom half. (I'm just throwing things out there. I'm sure that a dab of honey may be what you need, but it doesn't hurt to check).

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