With all the talk about Spring haircuts, we seem to be getting a lot of interest in curly bobs. Thought I'd start a thread, so we wouldn't be guanoing all of the others! Lots of us have them and love them. Lots of you are thinking of getting them. Forget who did a list of why they like theirs, but thought I'd get it all in one place.

I've had mine for about a year. Starting out a little longer (almost shoulder length) and now a few inches shorter--depending on where I am in the haircut cycle. I usually get mine cut every six weeks. I keep the length from my avatar to signature pictures--that's about how much it grows in six weeks, even in the winter.

It's easier to maintain. Looks good almost all of the time. Uses very little product. The only drawback is that I can't pull it back if I would need to.
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I have a bob also and I always liked that length, especially since as women get older like me, the long hair thing just starts to look very wrong!
I like the way your bob sits. Is it layered and if so how much?