Thanks for the info! But you know, my climate is very hot and dry in summer, and cool and rainy in winter. Would I need to modify your suggestions in addition to using the winter tips in summer and vice versa?
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No...the dryness in summer would just be just as much reason for moisture as the hot-humidity and creamy products would still penetrate deeper with the heat. The cool temps can't hold the same amount of humidity as hot temps and humidity so maybe you wouldn't need as much moisture in winter as in summer, but at least you'll have a climate-built-in humidifier.

angiecurls, humidifiers can be helpful. Just one word of warning--the steam from a humidifier can produce 3rd degree burns in less than one second (literally) of exposure, unlike steam from a pot or pan that mixes more with the other air rather than being a concentrated stream of steam. Be careful with placement of your humidifier or use a cool humidifier, especially with babies/toddlers/kids and pets.