I am so glad for this thread. Even though my hair has improved a lot from the way it is usually in the summer, I am having major problems. Instead of big and frizzy, now it is flat and static-like.

My hair has actually gotten more straight/wavy now than the winter from following the suggestions. Funny how before I wanted my hair straighter and now I can't stand it. It got to me when my straight-hair "friend" - ha(the one with complete ignorance to curly hair) said, "Oooh, your hair is getting straighter. You must be sooo happy, now you can have good hair and not wild hair all the time. Welcome to the better side." I wasn't happy with the straight hair, but with her comment especially "the better side," that did it for me. It was hard to come up with retort to her comment, but I made it clear I did not think straight hair was better but she was adament I was in denial. Arggggh.