A lot of people grow out of this board. There have been much longer gaps between the times I post for several reasons. One, the format SUCKS. And those Flashy ads? Don't work on some systems. Including the one I use at work. So browsing the board is a pain in the ass there. Then the color scheme is so unfriendly to eyes that have been staring at a computer screen all day, I usually can't be bothered to suffer through it when I finish work. I also think the content has gotten less exciting. There have always been stupid threads that annoyed me, and threads about topic I have no interest in, but at least there used to be enough to keep me occupied for vast amounts of procrastination time. Now it seems like even if I haven't been around for a couple of weeks, I can scan the threads list and see maybe two or three I would care to read and respond to.

As for the hair board, I rarely check it. I'm fine with my routine, my hair philosophy goes against the MAD (Militant Actions of the Day--eg plopping, no poo, holy grails) postings over there, and there are far too many repetitive threads to offer suggestions on questions people have.
póg mo thóin