Hi there .. Im a newbie with 3b hair.

I wanna try this no-poo method but i am confused. this is what i use now...
Costco brand shampoo
Tresemme Moisture Conditioner
Tresemme Bouncy Curls Gel..
Aquanet Hairspray (i knowww sorrrryyyy thats why Im here!)

Then I use a diffuser to dry.. What do i need to eliminate to do the no poo method without eliminating my paycheck lol .. thanks in advance!!!
Originally Posted by chelsea408
Basically, all of the above.

If you're wanting to go the strict 'no poo' route, you'll get rid of any products that have a sulfate (Sodium Laurel/Laureth, Ammonium Laurel/eth, etc... namely, shampoos), and any product that has a silicone (generally speaking, anything ending in 'cone, 'xane or 'conol.)

There are a number of of silicones that are water soluble, which you CAN use on the no-poo method but that some still seem to have issues with. So it might be best to do without them for now, and see how your hair responds.

Suave and V05 conditioners are popular around here for cowashing, Herbal Essences gels are popular for styling. There are tons of other products, but these are definitely the 'main' set you hear about most often that are easily found at drug stores.
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