OMg they look awesome on you! So stylish!

Here's a Q for you: do you just take 2 section an twist them together or do you twirl each one separately an then twist them together? (uhm... I am confused.. did I confuse you too???) How about: how about a quick "How I did it for dummies?"
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Hey I'm sure MonkeyGirl can give you a more exact answer. But as for the how to twist question. You don't have to twirl anything, it sounds like you are describing a style called single strand twisting and then two strand twisting the single strand twists. Which actually sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the idea! I'm off to go try that.

In general twists are done by dividing a section of hair (I usually take a section about 2-3'' wide depending on how big I am making my twists) in two and wrap one around the other, like braiding, but with only two sections. Imagine an old school phone cord or a Twizzler stick.

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