Hi guys,

I used to come here a lot but haven't been here for a long long time.

Here's the story, I'm 28 and 7 months ago had our first baby. My hair didn't really change in pregnancy but a while before that it began to get kind of straight rather than super curly as it was before. Here's a photo from when I was 17 and had just started to wear it curly!

I used to wash, add mousse while still pretty wet and dry upside down with a diffuser. It looks nice and thick there.

It stayed like that for ages but about 4 or so years ago it started to look thinner and curl less. Here's one from a few years back.

Then I decided it was too messy and not curly enough so I had a load cut off. At first it was terrible then I went to another salon and got it fixed. I grew to love it here is a photo I like -

That was summer 2007 when I started to wash, gel wet and scrunch into a towel then air dry. It worked great for me as long as I used the correct amount of gel and it scrunched out ok so it wasn't crispy!

That's how I do it now still. My hair doesn't look like that anymore though and I've also switched to using green products although I always checked for -cones previously. Now I'm avoiding those plus parabens, sls and sles.

I think I'd like to grow my hair but I'm not too sure! What do you guys think? I love the way it was when I was 17 but I guess like everything hair changes with age. I can't use the mousse/diffuser method anymore as it just makes my hair stick up all over the place, it's too short (although still below shoulders at the back).

Anyway I'm just putting this here as I am contemplating trying CG again to see how it goes.

ps. Ran out of gel so attempted to use aloe vera gel, waaay too soft had to tie it back! No definition.

pps. What catagory do you think my hair falls in to? It straightens REALLY easily.