to funny... i started to post here last night but i fell asleep mid post writing when i woke up, i couldn't remember exactly what i was doing so i shut it down. but alas, here are my pics of my hair...
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Your knot-out came out really nice and shiny! What products did you use? I also really like the 1st pic, with your hair out.
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Thanks, I am trying really hard to find more protective styles. But that shine I will contribute to ACV rinsing. Im not big on using a particular product so to speak but I prepoo with shikaiki/alma powder mixed with suave coconut condition (trying to get rid of them and to lift my cuticle). I poo & condition with AOGPB (not rinsing completely, use as a leave as well). As i final rinse, i use about 2 tbs of ACV to 2 cups of water. pour over my head and spritz a few times with glycerin/water mix, rub a little shea butter on my ends, knot and let it air dry. In the morning, that is what I had.


current products:
homemade conditioners
homemade twist'n hold stuff(not quite a gel)
homemade moisturizers (water/glycerin)
jamila henna-quarterly use to stretch hair for length check
giovanni smooth as silk conditioner
creme of nature shampoo and conditioner

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