This sounds interesting - what do you guys use as a styling product, gel, mousse, cream? I use gel on soaking wet hair at the moment then scrunch with a towel. I let it air dry then scrunch the hardness out which is great but I either always go out with wet hair and deal with it looking wet until I scrunch, or having to wash my hair 3 hours in advance!

My pics are here so you can see my hair type
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I scrunch all my products into dripping wet hair. By the time I'm thru scrunching with my Curlease towel most of the drips are gone. Then I make sure that my part for my bangs is pretty good and then flip over and start pixie'ing'....I get GREAT results! I get great volume at the roots (although I have never had a problem with no volume ) and I have little to no frizz...

I can't stand leaving the house with a wet head so I have to diffuse nd this is the only way I have done it that leaves me with great curls and no frizz...


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