And so nobody feels left out. Napptural/Cnapp/type 4 hair knows no color bounds. I have often heard lighter people with naturally kinky hair (whether they were White or just Whiter phenotype mixies) express the sentiment "I am too White to wear braids or big hair". What and huh? Who cares that people aren't used to seeing White faces with nappy hair? There's no possible way it won't look good on you, that's how you were born. I hear this a lot from mulatto biracials who fall on the whiter phenotype area facially and skin color-wise but were born with spectularly kinky curls and feel like they got two seperate cultural traits that don't mix. How sad.

In the end, honestly you aren't going to get more looks than someone who is clearly of African descent with dark brown skin wearing a BAA (big ass afro) or dreads. These hairstyles demand attention in our straight headed society, no matter what your skin color. And if some ignoramus wants to talk about "Who do you think you are? You are too White to wear _______ (insert style like afro, twists, braids, cornrows, dreads etc)" tell them off for me please and keep on walking.

Some inspiration for White people or Whiter phenotype people to rock their kinky curls:

Loving the little boy's blonde afro:

My Fotki

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