LOL, I love how she emphasizes it's a NEW hairstyle! Maybe someone should send her the link to this thread...
KinkyKeeper, thanks for posting esp all the photos of those beautiful ladies' knots; I'm always fascinated by the way the knots and twists look, and I'm so envious. I've been thinking of giving knots or twists a try myself, and now that I see that the little girl's absolutely straight silky hair takes some curl, maybe I'll get decent results? My hair is mid-back, thick and wavy. I just don't know if I'll have the patience, or the upper arm strength, to do all the knotting or twisting. I don't want to do just four knots, I want a dozen or so, like the pix you posted. I know we are all into embracing our hair, and I'm so glad mine is healthy and all, but sometimes I do wish I had more texture to play with.
(Who is that white lady in the pearls? Her hair does not look like it's very happy! She needs some serious moisturizing, IMO.)
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Hehe actually the emphasis was my own, just wanted to make sure everyone saw it. Cracks me up. Sure if anyone here wants to send her the info that her hair style is actually quite old school (talking ancient African old school) be my guest. I just wanted to let my fellow curlies know becuase they understand. Plus to show these type of styles can be done on anyone's hair, since there seems to be some growing interest about twists, braids, and knots among looser curlies, even though you guys already have pin and rag curls which is something I just found out about. Exchange of cultural information can be nice.

Aww Rozetta sometimes I am envious of wavy hair like yours. As for doing some knots in your hair, I'm sure you can make it work, if it works on straight hair. The blogger did have some good advice for those with less texture to do the style on slightly dirty hair. I usually get best definition on wet hair but maybe you should try wet dirty hair? Youtube has some great how to videos. It does take some patience if you plan on doing lots of knots but the knot out lasts quite a while if you do it right. And of course, only for the brave, the actual knots can be worn as a style.

Oh yeah and I am pretty sure the lady in pearls is from photoshop and they just stuck that style on her head. hehe I found it on

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