I like how wave = ringlet and bantu knots = new style.

This thread is making me excited - you all have no idea how much time I've spent turning green watching youtube videos of naturals styling their hair in twists or bantu knots or just in a wash 'n go...which, of course, I'd have to devote 8 hours with a rat tail comb and flat iron to have, lol. But someday, some miraculously free day, I'm gonna do it, I just know it.

Anyway, I'm thinking of whether the hair would stay in the twists - I have randomly basically done a two-strand twist in my dry hair before just playing and it stayed until I took it out, but I'm thinking wet hair w/ moisturizing product in it may not want to so much. I want to do small twists, though, so I don't know what I'd use to tie the ends if I needed to - I have old orthodontia bands but they completely defeat the purpose of a protective style. I don't suppose there are any gentle fabric-covered hair ties in such a small size?

And I so wish I could rock bantu knots without looking like I belonged at a Sci-Fi convention or something. Le sigh.

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