Well first we need to know what type of hair you have. You might want to add that to your signature so you don't have to keep telling people this when you post.

Second, pictures REALLY help with stuff like this. Most people have several different curl types on their head and depending on the health, length, thickness, and so on, it might make all the difference on if you can even achieve that style.

Someone was mentioning a technique where you scrunch your conditioner in your hair upside down to get rid of a part and have the hair go straight back. Maybe she'll comment on this thread.

Honestly though, super curly hair like 3c and 4A tend to grow out and up until it gets long enough to achieve enough weight to have the hair hang down. You WILL get there eventually, but it really varies depending on the individual.

Still, posting pictures can really go a long way to getting help here. Good luck!
I have 3c hair that I haven't straightened in over 5 years. It's just past shoulder length when dry, and almost waist length when pulled straight.

9/02/08 Went CG
05/12/09 Still CG. Cowashing with VO5 Lavender Luster. I then condition with Giovanni Smooth as Silk. Styling with VO5 Lavender Luster conditioner with my wide-toothed comb.