Today I have been out and brought some linseed, orange EO and two conditioners - one cheap straight forward one and one more advanced one. I plan to co-wash with the cheap one and use the other to condition!

I'm in the UK and brought INECTO Pure Coconut Oil Moisture Infusing conditioner to co-wash, and Waitrose Organic Moisturising conditioner with organic sweet almond and geranium oils for after. Both are paraben, cone, xane, sls and sles free.

So I am going to make some flax seed gel today sometimes - I know I can buy it but I like the satisfaction of making it! Will start with this recipe:

2tbsp flaxseeds
1cup water
1tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
5-10 drops Orange EO

The original recipe by dulcymh here has honey in but I think I'll start without it and see how I go. Fun Fun Fun...

Oh does anyone know how many ml or fl oz one cup of water equates to? I don't have measuring cups.