I have tried SOTC with KCCC using JC N&S and using just bare hands. Both gave decent results. The only difference is that my hair was a lot softer and the curl tended to stretch out a lot more with the JC N&S, which was not a desired effect for me. I use JC N&S as a deep treatment instead. I prefer to just SOTC with bare hands.
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Wow, I have never heard that before. HOW do you use N&S as a deep treatment?
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After washing (cowashing, water wash...whatever lights my fancy that particular evening...lol), I towel dry my hair and then take a nice nickel sized glob of N&S and put it in my hair. Now, if you've ever used N&S, you know that a nickel sized glob is a HUGE amount of that stuff, given how it distributes and how heavy it is. So anyway, I rub the glob between my palms (I believe this is called emulsifying it?) and then scrunch it all in my damp hair and let my hair air dry overnight.

The next morning I have Rick James hair, but I get in the shower and rinse my hair well with warm water and voila. Perfectly conditioned.
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