Hi. It's a temporary effect. It's mostly used with a blow dryer as part of a straightening routine. I bought some without realizing what is was for and had to take it back -- I'm too lazy to blow dry, let alone try and get it straight, and it did nothing for me without the heat. Some people are happy with it with out the heat <scratches head>. Basically, you either absolutely love it or hate it:


If you buy, make sure you can return it...
-Porosity an ongoing mystery, fine texture
-Hair likes: light conditioners and light protein, light cones
-Hair dislikes: oils, heavy conditioners, and glycerin

-Co-wash/conditioner: Elucence Moisture
-DPT (rarely): Ion Effective Care
-Styling products: Elucence as a leave-in and (cone alert) Giovanni Frizz Be Gone