pelicano when you're done exploding take a look at this and see if it helps you

Also, when doing a Protein TX you can try an ACV rinse immediately afterwards to seal in the moisture. If your hair is porous you'll love ACV rinses too, just not too often. Once or twice a month.

If you can post all of the ingredients to the products you're using that would help us too. You should be able to find them on-line and copy/paste. We're just going by what you're telling us, but without seeing what's in your products, it's going to be really hard to get the bottom of it.

ETA: keep in mind too that Oils alone are not moisturizing if not combined with other moisturizing ingredients. Can you get some Shea Butter where you are??
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I agree with the bolded advice from Del.

I have to run to work now but will post more from there in a couple of hours.
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