I think its good to introduce products slowly. I just got every product and tried as many as I could at once. I had no idea what worked and what didn't. So I went back to the basics and worked from a base up (for me, thats leave in and then I worked in KCCC) for a few months until I was sure that things worked consistently. Now i am venturing out one additional styling product at a time. I also try not to mix new techniques with new products, so that I can get an idea of how the new product differs from my usual current HG.

And to stick to it. Even if you aren't getting exactly what you are looking for. I figured my hair looked a million times better on my ugliest day after i found this site, than before, so just stuck to it (that is when I went back to basics).

Mix of 3s, thick, coarse, medium porosity

Current hair styling technique: rake with a scrunch at the end. (works with my coarse hair)

pw: curls

Known HGs: KCCC, homemade fsg, honey