My 9 year old has 3c, 4a hair and the longer it gets the harder it is for me to style, straighten, etc. We have been curious about this product for a long time.

I would also love to see more before and after pics. I'm seriously thinking about getting this to use on my daughters hair.

eta: just checked their website and you can split it into 3 payments - now I'm sold LOL

I have a few questions for the "instyler procs" Do you always have to blowdry your hair first? Usually I will wash/condition my dd's hair and then put it in two braids or twists for that night and next day at school. I would then straighten her hair that next (2nd) day after washing/conditioning it. So can the hair be "airdryed"? Can you use it on wet hair? I have a flat iron that you can use on wet or dry hair.

What heat protectants do you all use? I know it says not to but I read that some of you do. Thanks!
straight-haired mommy to a curly 3c/4a (7 yr old)

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