it only works for me during June, July, & August. I know that seems so weird, but it needs to be VERY hot & humid; otherwise, it makes my hair limp & lank if I use it more than one day at a time.

During those hot summer months, I use it every single day (no leave-in) with BRHG over it. I've been doing this for the last few summers with no problems...
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That's EXACTLY what I did last Summer! I started using it in Aug. that's when I first got it. I stretched it into Sept and early Nov. but couldn't get 2nd day and my hair would get quite limp at the end of the day. I'll probably start using it around June this year. I've used it when we had a couple humid days in New Eng but because dews are all over the place right now, 2nd day has been iffy....
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