My grandmother (mom's mom) always took me to the hairdresser as soon as my hair touched my collar or my ears and had all my curls chopped off. She hated my hair because she thought it was a big bush and too messy. I never got over that. I fought my hair tooth and nail to get rid of the curls. My grandmother died when I was 14 but the message stuck for years until I finally decided to learn to love my hair. It's your hair, your hair, and not your mothers. I just get really quiet when people have negative comments on my hair. I don't answer and start talking about something else. Most people will get a clue. It just takes mothers longer to let something go - trust me - I'm one who is learning to let her child have his own opinion and let go.

And yes, curly haired people do get married -- my husband can tell you he thinks curls are sexier than straight hair anyday!