I'm so sorry you keep going the rounds with your mom! I can't imagine what that would be like. Luckily, both my parents are pretty chill (unlike my grandparents, who were very opinionated...spawned most of my "issues").

I do know how you feel, though. All my friends are married. I do hang out with them, but it's sometimes difficult, being the alone one. I don't even have a gay friend I could take because he's taken, too. Curse partners sometimes!

Rock on with your hair, I say! It's my favorite part about being in cosmetology school. I'm distinctive. People remember curly hair. There are too many "blondes" or "redheads" or "brunettes," but not many with curly hair. That means it's easier for my clients to request me again. It makes you memorable. Remember that. Hopefully, my curls bounce back soon and I can be distinctive with my curly hair again instead of my purple glasses (hey, I've gotta have a schtick (sp?) for people to remember me).