The usual reason - even though I really liked it, there was always something new to try.

After some experimenting with other products, I went back to my original combo of CK and gel. While most curlies seem to hate adding water to Day 2 hair, I just spritz, smooth and scrunch. I find I need the spritz and scrunch to completely revive my hair.

I still keep Tweek in my purse for windy days. It is perfect for taming the mess.
Current Products: CJ Products: CF, DF, CT, SG, AFG, CIAB AND CK is back!
Current Experiment: S&C by D

Curl Fix and Daily Fix are my HGs

Sulphate and cone free since July 2007

wavy/curly fine texture/medium porosity/medium-low density

PW: wavycurly

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