Okay, so my Pretty Wrap came in the mail today. I am having beginners operating issues, but I have to say that it looks 10 times better than when I use my T-shirt on my head overnight.

Tonight I co-washed, conditioned, KCCC'd (notice no gel because I am trying to see how the KCCC is going to work for me) plopped for a few hours and now have my head in the Pretty Wrap, so I will report back any results tomorrow. Seeing the results, I will be able to compare it to nothing at all on a regular pillowcase, a satin pillowcase with a half dried pineapple, and a overnight plop with a T-Shirt.

Be back to let you know how it goes!

And here is the link to the wrap, incase you are wondering. http://www.prettywrap.com/information.php?info_id=4
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