I recently purchased Sister Smith's WSHP. Brown Sugar scent is wonderful. I am hoping to keep it in the rotation. I have ordered AOMM to solve the distribution issues with WSHP. Thanks to an old thread.

Some of my combinations have been quite stringy. (WSHP+Boots)
WSHP with CJ Aloe Fix over it was the best yet.

I have not had any luck finding old threads indicating what Sister Smith's works well with, just the AOMM solution.

I love experimenting...any suggestions?
Originally Posted by pilateschick
I didn't have the best of luck with the WSP. I got it in the brown sugar scent as well. Gosh, I wish I could eat it because it smells so yummy!

I don't think I ever used a leave in underneath. It gave me wimpy, stringy curls. If you can make it work for you I'll be glad to offer up the rest of my tub to you.