My mom is exactly the oposite. One day (a long time ago) she heard me complain about my curls and she said "You have no idea how lucky you are. People pay hundreds and hundreds of dolars to try to make thir hair do what your hair does naturally"

And curls have nothing to do with being single. guys are always touching my hair. They love it. Ever since I was little guys have just walked up behind me to "doink" a curl.

Something that I find that works with other girls who are critical about my hair is the "I feel. . . about. . . because" method For example

"I feel sad/offended/upset when you critisize my curls because it has taken me a long to time to love my curls this much, and I don't want to start hating them again."

Try not to use the words angry, mad, or other extremely negative emotions because then they get defensive and there's no hope then.