I will skip the leave in next time..I had been using KBB Super Silky but even that may be to heavy.

Thanks for the warning on the CJ Coffee Coco Creme! Cottage cheese consistency would have been a gag moment at 6AM. I really wish the CJ scents were more appealing, but the results sure are worth it.

As much trouble as I have had getting it to work..Sister Smith is having a sale(including WSHP) in Chocolate Sundae scent.
I am hoping AOMM will save the day.
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As I am Coconut Cowash, low poo. Clarify once a month
RO: Elucence moisture Bal.
DT: CJ Rehab
LI: Marie Dean Red Clover honey (in low dews only)
Jelly/Gelly products: As I am curl enhancing jelly-near HG status
KCCC- Classic but fickle

HGs: Aloe Fix alone or over Boots Curl Cream

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