Ok, I recently dug out all of my old favorite short hair pics, because I'm contemplating chopping mine off again. SO, sorry about the overload of pics, but since I had them all out, I thought I'd scan them all for you. I have sort of a round face, too, with the crooked smile, so I think our face shapes are similar. Hope this helps!

This first set is from around the same time, and probably my fav length. A little longer (chin length in front, stacked a little in the back) and a little shaggy:

This next set is when it was a little shorter. It always was a tad longer on the right, and a little shorter on the left, just enough so I could tuck it behind my ear if I had to. Again, stacked in the back. It couldn't be pulled back at this length, I usually rocked a bandana. I reaaaally liked this length, too! I tried to include pics that showed the choppy layers up close on the left (shorter) side:

And this last set is when it was the shortest. I had a bad habit of asking to be shaped and reshaped until most of my hair was gone...oops. That's my bro in the second pic, look how curly his hair is! The last pic is actually of my old college ID, right after I cut it for the very first time!