im going thru something similiar,but for different reasons.the last year i have been straightening alot with a flat iron and now my curls seem to be gone. i went from a 3a-3b(my whole life) to a 2a=b in back with a big 0 in front. i do not want to flat iron any more, but it looks horrible natural.
try deep treatments,protien treatments, and baby your hair. it most likely though ,like me, will have to be cut off.
about 2 years ago my hair was very damaged from bleaching (also a relaxer, stupid,stupid).... i used apoghee (sallys) reconstructer which helped alot. some other very good deep conditioners are joico,loreal PROFESSIONAL(not the drug store ), and midollo. they are expensive but do help. put it on dry hair, and wear it back in a bun, or over night. after a couple of weeks you should notice a difference.
im starting this again, but will probablly get regular cuts to gradually get rid of my straight ends. im not sure they will ever come back normally . we will see. good luck.

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