So I've been perusing the sight for weeks now gathering all kinds of fabulous information! I'm just a haircut away from actually making the CG plunge. I've already had some positive hair changes with just using some of the different techniques, so I'm really excited to see what going full blown might do for my hair. In some of my experimentation, I've noticed that my hair really likes a serum to control the frizz. I realize this will be a big no-no soon! So my question there a cg-friendly product that is similiar that you can recommend or will the frizz just naturally come under control when it gets used to it's new method? My husband has granted me a little Mothe.r's Day money and I plan to spend it in Curl Mart! By the way..I'm Jennifer with what I'm pretty sure is mostly 3a hair. Thanks for the help..I'm sure I'll be hanging around for support as I get started!