kellygreen49, thank you!

My routine is practical. I wash the hair to each 2 days, since I am brazillian and here we are hot practically the whole year. I use No-poo (DevaCurl / Care or Red) washed, One Condition (Curl / Care or Red) conditioner/leave-in. 1 time weekly Low-poo (Should Curl) washed in the scalp.
I try to hydrate the threads twice weekly with masks moisturizers and to each 15 days I am in the habit a rebuilding firm.

Thanksss by the praise!

Oh, I also had the enormous hair, in the waist. And it was afraid of cutting, the rest of the chemistry wanted to take them from me. I created courage and told to cut everything.
Today I am falsified in scissors, hahaha ... I adored, I do not manage to let it grow any more.

Cut not much only to see if you like and then you rethink the case. Then you start to adore shorts hair.

Brazilian Curly Girl