I voted 100% CG but that may be too constrictive because I do use the DevaCurl stuff and there is that H2O soluble -cone. I was given the book about 2 years ago and went strictly CG for several months afterwards. My hair looked great! I fell off the wagon though before I knew about NC.com. I was on again, off again. Now that I have this support it is much easier to be CG. My hair responds really well to all of the principles in the book but I do not do every step- it is time consuming. I also don't use all of the recipes in the book.
*note: I did shampoo my hair a few weeks ago to get myself started again and strip out some cone buildup. Since then I have been CG other than the Deva products, tee-hee, which have the a-cone.*
3a/ 2c- this week?!?!? On the quest for perfect curls and a HG