I was strictly CG for nearly a year, but I'm back to using shampoo. I might try going pooless again, to see if it helps my short hair curl up more. I use my new favorite shampoo in the universe, Elucence MBS.

What CG really did for me was open my eyes to what is actually in the products I use. I make sure that proteins are followed by lots of moisturizing, and I try to avoid cones because they make my hair look like crap. So, yep, I'm sticking with my vote of "eh, I tried it, it's not 100% for me, but I use what I've learned." I definitely do use what I've learned.

Ha ha... I love the "I tried CG for a day, and it didn't work for me" comments. Like, yeah... that's what CG is. What you actually did was skip shampooing for a day. That's like saying "I was vegan for a day" if you skipped a burger for lunch.
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