I go to a Deva stylist and she raised her prices. I just can't afford this! And she's only trimming the very ends. Yes, she does a very nice job and I'm happy with it but I can't afford these prices anymore.
I called a place that said they cut curly hair and I told them, "that's what most places say and they really don't know how." She said she has naturally curly hair that is layered also and she's very happy with her cut. So, I'm going to stop in and see her and speak with her. I won't need another trim for a while. I asked her if she used scissors or a razor and she said to me, "do you want a razor used??" And I said, "no." She said, "oh, good because I wouldn't suggest it - I use scissors." I know it won't be like a deva cut but I just can't afford the 75.00 every couple of months. My hair grows so fast. I would be happy with a decent trim as long as I don't get a pyramid head or some other horrible look

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b