On the 2 board Jess suggested just using conditioner to style and I'm liking it. Yesterday was my first day trying it and it was the first day since going CG that my hair wasn't limp or crunchy! Here's a link to the blog that describes it.
My hair is really really fine too so everything weighs it down. But I'm trying either cowashing or shampooing with a non-sulfate shampoo and then scrunching in a tiny bit of co (I'm using Giovanni's Route 66 Volumizing co, but I think any light conditioner would work) mixed with a little gel for hold (seriously, less than dime sized for each). I don't know how your hair reacts to scrunching, but the more I scrunch the better my hair looks. I let it air dry for a while, then wet my hands and re-scrunch, repeat a little while later and my hair gets wavier. Might work for you if your hair is fine too.
The curl love blog also has a video about clipping up your roots to get volume there, which you might want to check out. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning to tomorrow.