I started out 100% CG but I had to start using shapoo again after I tried to color my hair and it wouldnt. I have terrible water and I guess just using conditioner just built up on my hair. I had to use a chelating shampoo and I have to use it ever so often to get rid of mineral build up. My hair loved 100% CG it was getting so healthy and I have realized it hates shampoo because when i use it my hair is a dry frizzy mess. I have been using the chelating shampoo once a week now for 3 weeks just to make sure it doesnt build up again before I try to color sometime this week. We are planning on getting a water filter soon I cant wait then I can go back to CG. Since I have been using shampoo I have been using the GF soft curl creme and I love it. I know it builds up and will have to be shampooed out but I guess I will figure that out when I get the filter. I tried it because my hair was getting so dry and thought creme would be more moisturizing