I'm jealous! I would happily save up to go to a curly hair trained stylist, but there isn't one in my area. At least, not that I've found so far. I've heard of people paying over $300, and that I couldn't do, but I could do $75 every 3 months or so. Maybe you could send me one of your stylists? Pretty please?
3b/3a - CG since 04-30-2009
fine texture, med porosity

GTTT, Live Clean, EO Sweet Orange
Condish: Calia, AO Rosa Mosqueta/White Camellia/Honeysuckle Rose/Island Naturals/GPB, ABBA Pure Gentle, Desert Essence Shea Butter
DT: Usually just use one of my richer conditioners, sometimes add oils or honey
Gels: Homemade FSG!!!, Druide, BRHG, Alba Soft Hold Style Cream,

experimenting with: honey, agave, oils, butters, ACV, Curls Milkshake, more conditioners