See my explanation of banding in your other thread. Here's the definition of how looser curls end up looking like after banding from a looser curlie:

[With my hair being natural I was looking for a way to air-dry so that my hair would be stretched out as much as it can get before I flat iron. The results I got from my little "experiment", lol, were similar to a blow-out for me but w/o the heat. My roots were straight and the rest was fluffy and very stretched out, semi/straight. What I did was wash and condition as normal, put my hair in two ponytails and used my Denman brush to smooth out each ponytail as much as possible. Then I took about 12 rubber bands and secured the ponytail all the way down, straight, making sure to keep smoothing and adding another rubber band as I made my way down. When I got to the end I used one of those knockers that little girls wear for some weight, otherwise my hair would try to curl up.]

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