^^^ Nubian, you are dangerous to a PJ because you seem to like to research(the EO book) and I dabbled in mixing but I'm to cheap to buy all those products...lol. I do whip my shea and make my rosemary/sage rinse.

I used my Fructis stuff and Aloe Vera Gel today and I feel like I can feel the alcohol from the products in my hair right now. Like a drying effect. I think I got the wrong Aloe V. gel because mine is the Target brand and it says 'with pure aloe'. Besides the alcohol feeling, I like my bush today, it seems light and a little more pulled out.
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I know, right?! It's like a runaway train that I can't seem to stop. I had dreadlocks for 8 years and all I used was some shampoo and JC Nourish n Shine and called it a day. I had no idea there was this whole other side to natural hair.
And it's bad. I refuse to go broke buying hair products cause my husband would kill me - so instead, I used the money I had set aside to buy new summer clothes for the office. So now my hair will be fly, but I will be wearing clothes that are just a tad too tight....btw, is there some kind of support group or something on this site or somewhere you can go for help?
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