I know I have already posted alot but then I remembered this thread. You might not be able to use it, seems a bit like banding in that you will probably end up with a straighter canopy and loose waves at the bottom. But seems like a good technique anyone else might want to try who has tighter curls and wants to relax them naturally. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


I know a lot of you are trying to "enhance your curls" to bring them out.... but I kept trying to "relax my curls".

I tried this and love the results, for me.
My hair is mixed textures...some 3a, 3b and 3c.

1. CO-Wash my hair. Leave Tresemme in my hair and squeeze out the excess. Comb it through my hair.

2. Twist my wet hair up into 1 large twist at ponytail height on my head.

3. Clip the ends of the twist back to my head (where the twist starts). That way the twist folded back on itself and made a cute looking french twist.

4. I was able to wear it and sleep on it for 2 days while it dried before I let the curls down to fall into loose curls. Just what I was looking for !!

I think this will be perfect for summertime too !!

LEFT PIC: my hair if I DONT twist it and let it dry.
MIDDLE PIC: Relaxed curls - naturally.
RIGHT PIC: Single twist while drying.

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